The Apple Watch as the new collar was written by my slave E. and tells a small part of the story of his existence as my slave wearing a modern collar.

In the BDSM community one of the standard ways of displaying your devotion in a power exchange is the use of a collar.  This goes back to the idea of the slave collar but it is often interpreted as a necklace or some other more discreet item of jewelry.  I would like to propose that in certain relationships a smartwatch, particularly the Apple Watch  might serve a similar function.

The collar is a way of showing the world you are owned.  In a Femdom relationship it means that your Mistress has control and ownership of you in the relationship and that is on display for those who know. 

Here is a interesting link to Wikipedia on the subject BDSM collar:

Ein klassisches Sklaven Halsband im Vergleich zur modernen Apple Watch.
Classic collar from Metall Geyer.

Below is the story of how I came to own my Apple Watch at the request of my Mistress, Amalie von Stein.

When I first approached my Mistress it was clear that this was not going to be a conventional Mistress/Slave relationship.  First there was the matter of distance.  I live in the US and she lives in Germany.  Additionally I was attracted to Mistress von Stein for many reasons, among them her background in physical fitness and training. 

I wanted to get into better shape and knowing my own psychology reasoned that a “fitness mistress” was the most efficient method.  This has proven to be true as in 6 months I have lost nearly 50 pounds and exercise 6 days a week for close to 2 hours a day. 

That would have been unthinkable before. At the beginning of our relationship, my mistress asked me to buy a pedometer so she could monitor how many steps I walk per day. Since I'm a techie and love gadgets, I took this as an excuse to buy the latest Apple Watch. What I did not expect was how well it would work as a reminder of my servitude and effective monitoring tool. Please note that while this is being written about the Apple Watch any device that does similar things could work.


Die Apple Watch als modernes Halsband.
The modern collar the apple watch.

The functions that my mistress seems to particularly enjoy ...

First there is the exercise tracking.  This lets me keep track of the workouts my Mistress has scheduled for me.  The “outdoor walk” workout gets the most use along with a dedicated pedometer. 

I use these in combination since the pedometer keeps track of overall steps while the fitness tracker keeps track of time and distance.  These are very useful features especially when trying to figure out how much you have walked and how much longer there is to go before the number of steps are completed.  

Die Apple Watch als neues Halsband ums Armgelenk.
Practical functions of the Apple Watch.

Perhaps the best feature is the haptic feedback which provides a buzz on your wrist rather than an audible alarm to let you know when you have completed a kilometer.  Every one of these buzzes on my wrist feels like a caress from my Mistress encouraging me to go farther.  The trackers for the gym aren’t nearly as sophisticated but they track time spent exercising.


An unexpected but delightful feature is the buzzing alarm to let me know when a WhatsApp message comes in. This is my Mistresses preferred method of communicating with me and I have come to associate pleasure with the haptic feedback of the watch at the thought of her communication. The alarms and timers in general are very handy especially since they don’t make any noise. This makes it a private moment of electronic bondage, a tug on a virtual leash. This also means I am notified immediately of messages and tasks as they come in.


Das moderne Halsband die Apple Watch zeigt Nachrichten an.
Very close to my mistress with the Apple Watch.

At night I take the watch off to let it recharge but every morning I put it on with intention knowing it is a mark of ownership, of the great privilege of being allowed to serve my Mistress, Amalie von Stein.

Sklave E.

Die Apple Watch als modernes Halsband.
Slave E. with his modern collar.