I love this gorgeous red latex pencil skirt with matching top by latex designer Demask! Most of my latex dresses have a story, let me tell you this.

Ex latex model Miss Hyde and Amalie von Stein!

A few years ago I met a really remarkable woman named Miss Hyde. She is an ex latex model and former professional dominatrix.
We got to know each other in a professional BDSM studio in Munich when Miss Hyde was still working there as a Dominatrix.
Miss Hyde was a well-known and popular latex model in her younger years, she owned and still owns latex fashion from well-known designers as well as from the famous Dutch latex manufacturer Demask https://www.demask.com/

At some point Ms Hyde decided to give up the job of dominatrix and took a different career path. At the time I thought it was a shame that she left, I really liked this wonderful woman and we had some really great sessions together.

Mein wunderschöner roter Latex Bleistiftrock & Top von Demask!
Amalie von Stein in a red latex pencil skirt and matching top.

The red latex outfit consisting of pencil skirt & top is second hand!

Our friendship lasted and we met outside the Domina Studio when I was visiting Munich. It's nice to sit in a cafe with a dominatrix friend and chat about old times. At one of these meetings we came across some Demask latex outfits from Miss Hyde that she wanted to sell.
Since people in my industry are always looking for new latex outfits, it was like a dream for me when Miss Hyde offered to sell me her latex.

Happy owner of the red latex pencil skirt & top by Demask!

So I got some really ingenious latex outfits from the manufacturer Demask. The red latex pencil skirt & top is particularly close to my heart because this piece was one of the first outfits Miss Hyde owned.

This red latex outfit was her entry into the world of latex and a fetish that she still enjoys today. Of course, Miss Hyde still owns exquisite latex outfits that she wears to private parties and events because, as she told me, she doesn't want to be completely without latex.

A little tip: take a look at my website under the heading Meetings ... it could be that Miss Hyde and I can be found together again dressed in latex at a party or event 🙂 https://amalie-von-stein.com/treffen/

Mein wunderschöner roter Latex Bleistiftrock & Top von Demask!
Red latex top from the manufacturer Demask.

The red latex outfit is presented on my YouTube channel Fashion Obsession.

I created my YouTube channel Fashion Obsession as a platform to show such outfits a platform and to be able to discuss them. It's a shame when the beautiful latex from famous designers such as Demask, Westward Bound or Savage Wear collect dust in the closet!

I recently published a clip of my red latex pencil skirt & top from Demask on this channel.

Just have a look if you are interested to see this sesond hand latex outfit on and worn by me 😉 https://youtu.be/5deQBzj9pnE

Many greetings
Your Amalie von Stein

Mein wunderschöner roter Latex Bleistiftrock & Top von Demask!
Red Latex Outfit vom Latex Hersteller Demask.