Experience live during an interview in the new Chainmail Atelier of Ero Chains a alternative fashion try on !

There are also some beautiful chaindresses to marvel at!

Exclusiver Ketten Mode und Kettenkleider aus Chainmaille von Ero Chains!
Exclusive Chaindresses made by Ero Chains.

What actually is Ero Chains and how can you find out more about this exclusive chain fashion?

Already full of anticipation, I sit in my car and set off on the several-hour drive to Thuringia. I am invited to visit the new Ero Chains Chainmaille workshop. Ero Chains produces exclusive chainmail clothing, jewelry and accessories.

If you are curious you can check out Ero Chains Webpage https://ero-chains.de/ here you will find some more amazing pictures of the designer.

Atelier von Ero Chains. Exclusiver Ketten Mode und Kettenkleider aus Chainmaille
Ero Chains chainmail workshop

My first impressions in the new Ero Chains Chainmaille Atelier.

When I finally arrived I was warmly welcomed by Ero Chains and my curiosity led us directly to the second floor and the new beautiful atelier with chain fashion, chain jewelry, chain dresses and chain accessories.
You really can't stop being amazed, the chain dresses sparkle and glitter in beautiful lighting. The chainmail accessories and the chainmail jewelry are very exclusive and made with great attention to detail.

Chainmaille Kette von Ero Chains.
Chainmail jewellery made by Ero Chains.

Surprise ... the doorbell rings!

I was still marveling at the chain fashion and unpacking my devices for filming from the new studio when I heard the bell and shortly afterwards a customer entered the Ero Chains chainmail studio.

The nice lady immediately agreed that the fitting of her exclusive Chainmaille accessories could be filmed by me. This chain fashion was specially made by Ero Chains for her according to her wishes and needs.

It was exciting to be there and to see how Ero Chains put on the customer's chainmail accessory and checked whether it fitted properly. There was a small improvement that was made to the chain fashion on the spot.

Anprobe von Ero Chains. Exclusiver Ketten Mode und Kettenkleider aus Chainmaille
Ero Chains fitting a ring to the custon made chainmail accessoire.

The beautiful chain accessory was packed at the end and we were still talking about another possible chainmail lower part which may be ordered in the near future and of course fits the chain upper part which she had just bought.
The happy customer was interviewed by me in the Chainmail Atelier next to the chain clothes before she went home to introduce the new piece to her husband.

More about the video about trying on Chainmaille:

The finished video of the fitting of the Chainmaille top and the short interview afterwards can be found on my YouTube channel Fetish Matters. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/zVvtYE8WqTk

Soon there will be another blog post about the Chainmaille Atelier and the Ero Chains workshop in which the exclusive chain fashion, chain dresses and chainmaille accessories are made.

If you want to see me in such a hot outfit then take a look at my website, https://amalie-von-stein.com/facetten/exclusive/ you can find me dressed in chain fashion from Ero Chains.

Until then, all the best,
Your Amalie von Stein

Chainmaille outfit von Ero Chains Exclusiver Ketten Mode und Kettenkleider
Chainmail made by Ero Chains.

Chainmaille Schuppen Kette und Ohrrine
Chainmail jewellery made by Ero Chains.

Chainmaille Kettenkleid von Ero Chains.
Chainmail made by Ero Chains.